Hi There

Thanks for visiting my website.  I have set up this place so that I can share with the world, independently from tech providers such as social media sites.  Believe it or not, I have had this site online since before social media was even a thing.

Photos, articles, and personal news from me can be found here.

A lot of what was once here on this site years ago is now gone, but I am reviving and rebuilding this space where no one will block, censor or moderate what I post.  If you disagree with something that I have to say please feel free to make your own opinion known, and I know that sometimes I can be wrong, or mistaken.

The free and open exchange of information and opinion is important to me.  I try to keep an open mind and consider what others have to say.  Yes, I still have several social media accounts:  I have put links to those here as well.

Some of the things you see here will have been reposted or reprinted from other sources.  Such content does not necessarily reflect my own opinion or belief, but is presented in the context of education and free information exchange.  No copyright infringements are intended, and any reposting or reprinting of any content is intended to be presented under the "fair use" doctrine.

A little background about me:

I was born in Lancaster and have spent most of my life in the small town of June Lake. Extensive road trips have given me the opportunity to explore throughout California  and brought a profound appreciation for the unparalleled beauty and diversity within the geography of this state:   however, the high mountains and desert areas east of the Sierra Nevada and into the western part of the state of Nevada is where I call home.